Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pre-conception Appointment Checklist

Hubby and I are scheduled for a pre-conception appointment this Friday. After talking about making babies for so long, this seems like the first momentous step in that direction! Needless to say we are both feeling a little nervous.

Most of my issues centre around my age and the fact that I am still trying to lose weight. The diet my doctor currently has me on is fairly restrictive and very low carb, so I think that may have to change. I don't smoke, never have, I don't use recreational drugs and I only drink once a month or so, easy to cut out. As for hubby, he is slightly underweight due to work demands and he smokes. Not a lot, but enough to be a concern to me for his own sake, let alone our chances of conception and whatever impact it may have on our unborn child.

I really want to get the most out of this appointment and after doing a little research, I have come up with a list of questions that I am hoping to have answered. In no particular order:

  • How long after removal of my implant is it possible to fall pregnant?
  • What effect will the painkillers I have been taking have on a baby?
  • Do I need to consider alternative pain management while trying to conceive or when pregnant?
  • How long should we ‘try’ before scheduling another appointment?
  • What prenatal vitamins does she recommend? When should I begin taking them?
  • What can hubby do to help? (e.g. vitamins of his own, etc)
  • Am I at risk for any problems? Do I need to take any specific precautions?
  • How can I safely continue weightloss? (diet, exercise, etc)
  • Are all my immunisations up to date? If not, what do I need and when? Will this mean we have to wait before trying to conceive?
  • Are there any health problems or conditions I should take care of before trying to conceive?
  • What effect could my back injury have on trying to conceive or during pregnancy?
  • Given my back injury, what impact might being pregnant have on my ability to continue working?
  • What can hubby and I do to increase the chances of getting pregnant?

I have been reading a lot about women who didn’t have a pre-conception appointment for a variety of reasons. If you did, what types of questions did you ask? Did the doctor’s information regarding age associated risks put you at ease, or have the opposite effect? What questions do you wish you had asked that you didn’t?

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