Monday, 19 June 2017

5 months old!

As I write this my little squish is napping. She's recently gone from taking 30 minute naps to sleeping up to an hour and a half. Amazing! I suddenly have all this time I don't know what to do with!

When she wakes we do breakfast and get dressed for the day. At the moment, she sits in her highchair and watches me eat. We're holding off on solids until the recommended 6 months so she just practices holding her spoon for now. She's quite the pro at getting it to her mouth!

After the first nap we usually go out. Sometimes playgroup, sometimes a walk. We also go swimming, shopping or visiting.

Afternoons are for play time and its amazing the change that being able to sit independently has made!

After the last nap we have quiet time, usually reading or looking at books. I find this helps her wind down and not get too overstimulated. Then dad comes home and its bath and bed.

The days really seem to fly now. I feel like I just get used to one stage and then everything changes!