Sunday, 7 August 2016

Gender prediction

I honestly don't know how much longer I can refrain from using baby's gender when writing these posts, so time to put these gender prediction theories to the test and get to the bottom of it!

Chinese Lunar calendar prediction: girl
Fetal heart rate test, over 140: girl
Mayan calendar prediction (mothers age odd, year of conception even): boy
Morning sickness, relatively mild (no throwing up), just constant: boy
Sweet vs salty, I've gone completely off chocolate and crave salted crisps: boy
Acne/skin test: girl
Nipple test! Still the same colour: girl
Hairy legs test: boy
Moody test, yeah, I'm all over the place: girl
Dream test, I was dreaming about boys, or one of each: girl
Baby weight, it's all on the bum and hips: girl
Sleep position, prefer the right and more comfortable: girl
Breast growth, hasn't changed much: boy
Cold feet, hard to say being winter but haven't noticed much difference: girl

So... out of these 14 theories the results are girl:9 and boy:5

Of course at this stage (and we have known since 11 weeks) the only way to be sure is with a blood test. We used the Percept test and both times (we had a re-draw because the first sample free cell DNA wasn't high enough) the test has confirmed... it's a GIRL!

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