Friday, 5 August 2016

15 Weeks

I was back at school last week and completely exhausted, so no update! Two main things happened, one was my early glucose tolerance test which I'll post about next time, the other was a shopping trip with hubby.

It's rare for us to have two days off in a row together, much less the weekend, so when he knew he would be off hubby requested that we go shopping as he needed new shirts and trousers for work - fun! I also knew I needed a couple of extra tops for work, baby is making it's presence known!

I asked if possible could we stop in somewhere and buy a little something for baby. A blanket, a toy, a book... anything really, just something little to make it feel a bit more real and give a little optimism. Hubby readily agreed.

Shopping for ourselves was fine, although I did have a little moment in the first shop as all the clothes were horrible and too tight and clingy. I'm not even thinking of maternity clothes, just 'normal' clothes a couple of sizes larger.

Once I had bought my tops we went looking for something for baby. We checked out a couple of cots and car seats and confirmed our thoughts, but nowhere near ready being able to buy anything like that. We were looking at blankets and cot sets and there were so many lovely whites and greys, exactly what we have in mind for our little one's room. We ummed and ahhed over a few, hubby was even trying to get me to buy more than one as we couldn't decide!

Having made our choice of a lovely knitted blanket, a perfect match for the chair we have ordered, I was ready to leave. As we were, hubby spotted a "Love at first sight" ultrasound photo frame that he thought we should get. I burst into tears. I know it had been building, looking at all of the baby items, but all I could think of what that we still might lose this little one that we love more and more every moment. He was so lovely, giving me a hug and a kiss on the forehead as I sobbed in the middle of the store - something that would usually make him hugely uncomfortable. But he did it. For me. For us. It's not just baby that I love more and more every moment.

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