Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I'm Waiting!

It seems to be my life at the moment, and I am sure anyone caught up in the TTC process can relate!

A strange thing happened this morning. After deciding that I wouldn't poas as AF is only 2 days away and I am pretty certain we are out for this month (having only dtd once, the day before ovulation) I gave in a did anyway... and saw something I have never seen before. A thin, white/shiny line where the test line should be. It came up almost immediately, even before the control line was fully developed. A quick google wasn't much help. There were two main thoughts, one that it was a faulty test, but second was from women who had this result, then tested the next day and had a BFP.

I went out and bought another box of frers, but REALLY wanted to hold off until tomorrow. I'm nothing if not impulsive so I tried again. No shiny line, but I SWEAR there is an almost imperceptibly faint second line. I've poas quite a few times and have never had this experience before. It's always been an obvious BFN.

So now I am waiting, oh so patiently, for tomorrow to come so I can test again! Don't know if it is helping (I know it isn't!) but I have been talking to my tummy all morning, just praying, 'Hang on, little one!'

**If you haven't seen the Princess Bride, please do!


  1. Omg so excited for you! I'm crossing my fingers for you! If it is a sticky bub then your "long" months of trying will seem like nothing! We prepped for 4months before ttc and it felt lIke forever, when that bfp came up I couldn't believe it happened so quickly :P Kinda sad you won't b3 in my dig though :P

    1. Thanks for the support! Still not 100% sure what's happening, but I think we are headed in the right direction!
      I think I have worked out mid March as a possible dd, but will have to wait until if/when I see the doc to have everything confirmed.
      Hope everything is going well for you =]