Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Million places all at once

That's where my mind is.

You would think that launching my new online store this week would have been enough to keep my mind off our latest TWW, that was part of the plan afterall. Truthfully, it does work of a lot of the time but it seems like my brain then tries to make up for the lost time by cramming all the worries into one short time!

I am currently 12dpo and at this stage would be expecting a positive if I was to test. So I did. Only problem is, I think the test was broken (not just because I got a BFN!). As I opened it, it was stuck to the moisture pack and tore a little. I was also torn in the actual test section of the strip.

In truth, I only tested because I had it there. Otherwise I am more than happy to wait for the predicted arrival of AF on Wednesday. I would have liked to think we had a shot this month, everyone keeps telling me that right after a miscarriage is when you're at your most fertile, but we only managed to dtd once, the day I got my positive OPK and it was a little awkward being the first time since the miscarriage... so my hopes really aren't that high. Having said that...

It's hard not to get my hopes up. This baby would mean more to us now than ever, after all the other things that have been happening in our families lately. It would just give us something peaceful and something positive to focus on. Instead, all we have is the void left by the loss of our last baby.

I am determined to wait this one out. I don't want to know about any possible chemical pregnancies or anything like that. I'll wait till Wednesday and if AF doesn't seem to be on her way I'll wait till Thursday when hubby is home from work to test again.

Waiting, waiting...

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