Monday, 20 November 2017

10 month update!

I can't believe that in less than 6 weeks my baby will be one year old! Everyone tells you that it goes by so quickly, but even that seems an understatement. I was looking for a photo that I thought I had taken recently, turns out it was from when Squish was 11 weeks old! That's MONTHS ago but it seems like only yesterday.

I continue to be amazed by the little person I see growing before my eyes. She's walking everywhere that she can get a hand hold, and crawling everywhere else. She talks non-stop all day and has even started singing. No idea what she is talking about most of the time but it is super cute.

She loves reading and will sit and read books to herself, turning the pages backwards and forwards, occasionally still taking a bite from the corner of the book. We still go to story time at least once a week and were lucky enough to go with a friend and her 11 week old for her very first story time.

She still loves the pool and is enjoying water play at home. She's getting a paddling pool for Christmas and she has even started having showers by herself! Mum sits right beside the door of course, for safety and for the actual washing, but she gets in herself and gets out when she's done. So clever!

We were in the city for an appointment so used the chance to swing by the Myer Christmas windows. She was absolutely enthralled by the lights, movement and colour. I have to admit I got a little teary seeing her with her dad and thinking how blessed we were to finally have a baby to share traditions like this with.

It is so hard to believe that this time last year I was preparing for a baby shower that I thought I shouldn't have because there was no possible way I would actually get to keep this little one. And now here we are preparing for her first Christmas and her first birthday. Amazing!

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