Friday, 29 September 2017

8 Month update!

I have a terrible habit of writing these just as baby is about to reach the next monthly milestone!

This month has been a tough one for out little squish.  She's been teething almost constantly, with her bottom two teeth coming through first and now it look like all four at the top are going to come one after another!

She's still not crawling (forwards at least!) in the traditional sense, but she's mastered her army crawl. She loves standing and will scoot along furniture with ease. She can pull herself up on things that are just a little above her head height, using her legs to push up rather than using her arms to pull.

Eating has been a little on and off with the teething. When it is really bad she loses her appetite completely and just wants to nurse, which we do a lot! At her 8 month check up I was asked if I was feeding her three times a day! More like 6-8!! Or even more on some extra fussy days.

We've been trying lots of new tastes and textures, but her favourites are still potatoes in any form and avocado. It was really been helping me to think more carefully about what I eat, now that I am sharing three meals a day with her. She also enjoyed her first free fruit from Woolies, chomping on an apple while I tried to shop with one hand and protect the apple from falling with the other.

Her sleep is all over the place. Some nights she'll sleep right through, maybe waking once to feed. Other nights she wakes every hour or two. Some nights we still have the 2 hour middle of the night party when she just wont go back to sleep. I don't know how I would be able to cope if I was working. As it is, it can be incredibly exhausting, I just try to remind myself that she must be having a much harder time of it than I am.

We went to the museum for the first time which was amazing. She loved the new Children's Gallery and the outdoor area was a big hit. We still love story time and playgroup, and we are spending much more time playing outside now that the weather is starting to warm up and she's becoming more mobile. We have some rosellas that visit our little courtyard and she loves to sit and watch them. Sometimes the little babbles she makes sounds like she is trying to mimic them!

I can't believe in less than 90 days it will be baby's first Christmas!

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